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Year 7 Biscuit Company Success

Each year, during a Food Technology module, students in Year 7 take part in an exciting enterprise project and this year was another successful one. photo of the biscuits Students form small companies of 4-5 and are set the challenge of producing their own biscuit company.

studetns at the table with their biscuits

They are given a budget of £5.  All students are given job roles and take these very seriously.  There is a Managing Director, Financial Controller, advertising and marketing and all students are involved in the making process.


Ingredients, time and the use of the food room facilities are all costed and students  have to decide on the selling cost of the biscuits to make a profit.  All companies advertise the launch of their biscuits and a grand sale is announced.  We were pleased to say that all students so far have been successful in making a profit.  The profits they make are converted into the companies requests for treats.students  selling their biscuits to customers


Mrs Condlyfffe and Mr Fenn are delighted with the enthusiasm and commitment the students demonstrate. Mrs Condlyffe added, “This project has been a really good experience for our year 7 group. It has helped the students gain a better understanding of job roles within a company, how to cost effectively to help achieve a profit and how important teamworking can be”.