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The Refugee's Journey 

By Aran, Luke and Finlay



Explorer Henry Worsley dies attempting Antarctic crossing

Dangerous Dreams: The Disease of The Century

By Ethan and Isma

Dreams: The basis of a goal that we teach young children to strive for. We tell them they can be whatever they want, but can they? Is it worth it? “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Are we saying who don’t chase their dreams are failures, because they certainly aren’t. We are pressuring the next generation to measure themselves up to somebody else’s achievements. We hit the corridors of Pedmore Technology College to think out what you think!

Millie, 12, “isn’t allowed to swim because of a leg injury” but she chooses to “do it anyway because it’s [her] passion!” She risks her health because she has so much passion towards Swimming! A shocking 50% of Pedmore students said they would still try to achieve a dream even if it was extremely dangerous, says a survey. Some even said they would try up until they were above and beyond 50 years old.

Henry Worsley, 55, had a dream to conquer the crossing of Antarctica but sadly lost his life in the process. In days to come another person will die whilst chasing their dreams, a vicious cycle that turns hobbies to dreams to death! The question is: Why do we still let it happen? Shouldn’t we teach children to have limits and to use their common sense?

Although it’s good to have dreams, it’s good to have limits. Over 250 people have tried to conquer Mt Everest to no avail and have all died, all because of a Dangerous Dream!