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HEALTH -2016

How much sugar do YOU eat?

By Anna and Imogen 



Sugary Drinks vs Water

By Isma and Aqsa

How much do you spend on sugary drinks in a week? Are you concerned about how this affects her health? It is proven that many would go to a store and choose to but sugary drinks over a healthier option  such as water, usually while forgetting to check the drink’s label for how much sugar it has inside it. Unfortunately,  sugary drink consumption has  more than doubled over the last thirty years. We asked nine people a few questions, based on how much water they drank, these are the results we received:

After some research, we found that there is about sixteen teaspoons of sugar within a 1600ml bottle of regular soft drink. Many sugary drinks do not have the exact amount of sugar labelled on them, however many adults and children will but the drink without checking the labelling for sugar. An incredible 20-year study on 120.000 men and women found that  those which increased their sugary drink consumption by one 12-ounce serving (9per day) gained more weigh over time., clearly stating that even the smallest amounts can have a large impact on health.


Zika and the Olympics

By Maneza, Katie and Isma

The Zika virus is a disease that has spread to people from the bite of a disease-carrying mosquito species. This illness is not strong enough to make you die. This illness is being linked to a condition called microcephaly that results to pregnant women giving birth to a baby with brain damage and the baby having a smaller head.

This pie chart shows the amount of people that knew/didn’t know what Zika is.

Rio is also hosting the Olympics 2016 which could be a disaster because of the disease. Panic is spreading with six months to go till the opening ceremony. Female athletes representing Australia are being told to take part very carefully. Female spectators and even athletes that could have children are being warned by medical professionals to think over their plans to travel to Brazil as there is worry about what would happen to the women as the country has been invaded with a mosquito-borne disease. While this is happening numerous airlines are offering exchanges and refunds to pregnant women that were planning to travel to affected areas. The Brazilian government have promised to do everything they can to stop the disease from spreading. They have already sent out government workers with insecticide (a substance used for killing insects).

The offers of refunds and warnings have put even more pressure on the country which was already struggling under the stress of preparing for the upcoming Games. Especially considering the fact that mosquitos are mostly found in puddles and small areas which are common in Rio which hosts the games. A tropical disease specialist, Isaac Bogoch, told a science newspaper: 'It can keep spreading until we find a way to contain the virus or keep the mosquitoes from transmitting it.' Medical professionals around the world have warned that the virus has potential to spread quickly in the world and could have the power to infect as many as four million people.

 While this is happening, killing the mosquitoes that are spreading the virus is proving to be impossible. There is no known method to prevent getting zika other than trying to avoid mosquito stings however the mosquito that carries the zika virus can adapt to really any type of condition. The only hope the government seems to have for getting rid of the virus before the opening ceremony is something nobody can take charge of: the weather. This is why people in charge of hosting the Olympics are hoping that there will be a colder climate.

A Zika vaccine is in the progress of being prepared for trials later this year according to the US research programme. About 100 Americans have been diagnosed with this virus after coming from affected countries. Scientists had tried to make a vaccine for Ebola and are trying to do the same for the Zika virus. Scientists are focusing on child- bearing women because of the link between the virus and microcephaly. At the earliest, the vaccine should be available in 2018.

As of now the Olympics are still going to be hosted in Rio and preparations are taking place also all athletes have been told and been aware of Zika.


Are teenagers getting enough sleep?

By Nathan

Nearly every teenager has phone/tablet and uses them before they go to sleep, and this is a reason why a lot of teenagers aren’t getting enough sleep, which is causing them to not concentrate in their classes. 

Teenagers from Northumberland Church of England Academy from years 10 and 11 are taking part in 10-week pilot scheme for the Oxford researchers. This means that they wear two bracelets, “one monitors light between night and day and monitors screen light. The second one monitors your heart rate, how well or how badly you sleep and it's all connected to my phone."


Teenager’s need about nine hours sleep, and less than that can have short terms and long terms effects says Prof Foster, these can include: lack of concentration, short attention span, depression and other effects that ultimately can affect how a teenager does in class and the grades they achieve! Most of the students have described what they have described as “a real eye opener” because they have found that they haven’t been getting enough sleep and that their school work and grades are suffering because of it!

Should children be allowed to take part in dangerous boxing?

By Maneza, Katie and Isma

You’re sitting and watching someone from a poor family, that is of a young age, playing something as wild as boxing and abruptly a boxing glove is coming in their direction, it gives them a black eye then the child is in a sudden shock of pain. I think it is necessary to recognise what a dangerous sport is. A dangerous sport is an activity that creates a considerable likelihood of getting seriously wounded. There are regulations in sports to make it easier for someone to do something and to avoid serious injury, but rules cannot stop a mistake from occurring.

There is very little things to do in order to rise the possibility of having a healthier brain for when you get older. One of the things you could do is avoid boxing. Boxing can give several poor children hope and a new opportunity to do something in your life. With the right amount of support poor children could finally go in direction with their life. It can teach children that have struggled with behaviour and discipline. Even though boxing could possibly change someone’s life it is still harmful. While boxing your intentions are to knock the other person out. Doctors have advised and discouraged parents to let their children engage in boxing as it could result in numerous severe injuries.

We interviewed children from our school, both girls and boys, about if they thought young children should be able to play boxing. 10 out of 15 people said that young children were at risk while boxing and shouldn’t do it, whereas the remaining 5 said that boxing wasn’t harmful and children weren’t at risk.