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Gardening Club

Green fingered students and staff are starting a Gardening Club in the grounds of PTC.

picture of garden club area May 2018

pic 2 of gardening club area May 2018

boys carrying compost bag

Students have been busy planting seeds and beginning to set out the plot for our venture. Big thanks to Mr Fenn who’s been busy building wooden frames from recycled wood wooden frames for garden May 2018and to the TA team for helping with planting/nurturing the seeds, managing the club and organising the Sunflower Competition.  We would welcome any parents/grandparents and family members and keen gardeners from our community with any spare plants that we can find a home for and/or gardening experience/enthusiasm and some free time to come and join us!  Contact us on 01384 816660 and leave details so our team we can contact you back or go to our website and complete our Gardening Club enquiries form by clicking here.

To help us get started, we registered with Innocent Smoothies Big Grow project and are currently growing seeds from the their packs which included big grow cups so students have somewhere to sow their seeds, compost,  cress, peas and spinach seeds, Teacher’s Resource Pack with  lesson plans, activity sheets and more. We are using the cups to grow in our Sunflower growing comp too!  See  for more information on the Big Grow.

gardening club noticeboard May 2018To raise funds for the Gardening Club we are launching our Sunflower Competition to our staff and students- Every entrant gets a pot with all you need to grow a sunflower for just 50p.  The tallest sunflower at the end of the season will win a great prize.  Go to S6 to pick up your pot and get growing!

sunflower competition board May 2018




The garden is not just a one off after school club, our departments are getting involved too.  For example, Mrs Topping who teaches 7.5 students are working through algorithms and problem solving activities and have incorporated gardening activities, which include planning, recording progress, research tasks, managing the watering and the growing of products.  Students are also recording events at the school pond (close to the garden) in terms of the life-cycle of a frog.  They have observed the frogspawn in situ; they have recently visited the pond and observed that the frogspawn is reducing and changing into tadpoles.  Recording of these events happens back in the classroom.

We are also building links to the wider community with this project.  Tom Fish from Lye church is helping to recruit keen gardeners in the community.