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Donald Trump - Protests Against the President Report by Ashley and Amy- 2017

Protests against President  - by Ashley and Amy



The protest against Donald Trump has occurred in both the United States and elsewhere in the world. It has been truly astonishing what problems Donald Trump has caused already. Some of the protests have varied; such as people having walk outs on the streets, business closures, petitions and especially rallies and massive marches. There has also been a big increase in the amount of riots that are happening in America.Trump walks through the doorway to the inauguration podium

On February 28th 2017, Trump was interviewed on a show and said that he blamed Obama for both the protests and the leaks in his administration. He also claimed that Obama was actually a part of the protest organisation and helped behind the scenes. There is no official evidence about these accusations, but he still stands by his words and is trying to find the evidence.

Trump giving his inaugural speech on Friday, 20 January

Did you know that Donald Trump is the 45th president to live in the White House? Because of the things that Donald Trump has said on 21st January, 597,000 people protested in D.C Washington. It happened in the first ‘real day’ of his presidency. This massive protest drew crowds from 50 US states. Then the final total of people was estimated to be 3.3 to 3.4 million people that got involved. This march was to stand up for women because of the things he said about women and the sexist comments that he had apparently said. This is why so many people want to protest against Donald Trump and think he should not be the president.