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How Video Games Affect Grades

 By Haider, Logan, Zulqarnain and Sean

Recently there has been a rise in video games being sold in the UK. XBOX 1’s and PS4’s are becoming more popular ever since they have been released. Games such as GTA 5, Minecraft, Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3 are some of the most popular games of the year. In this article we are going to explain how video games affect teenagers’ grades.

We have done some research and found out that the average grade for a year 11 student is a Grade C. But the average time teenagers play games each day is mainly above 5 hours. We also found out that the lower sets played more games so this could suggest that the more video games you play the less intelligent you will be.

Even one hour of Screen time could result in poorer grades in GCSE. Two hours of screen time can make you drop 18 points in your exams this is equal dropping a grade in four subjects! But if you do an extra hour of reading or homework this could result in you scoring 23 more points than average!



By Nathan

Today, most children eat at least one chocolate bar a week in the UK, however only 3% know what is within the chocolate they eat.

A child from between the ages of 7-10 should be eating between 1530-2032 calories per day. If a child eat one bar of Cadbury dairy milk they will be consuming 148 calories. Some children however may eat between 2-3 chocolate bars at a time so Say they eat 3 bars they will be consuming 444 calories, this is nearly 50-100 calories over what they should be consuming for breakfast! This is one of the main contributor to why so many children are overweight in todays generation, even though so many parents are trying to combat this situation, it is still occurring because they don’t realize what is actually within the chocolate that their children are eating.

9 out of ten children know what eating chocolate does however only 1 out of ten know what is causing it from the ingredients in the chocolate. Today schools are trying to advertise and teach young children the effects that the ingredients in chocolate can do to attempt to stop obesity and to raise concentration levels within schools, because chocolate before or whilst school and cause children to become hyperactive and to not perform to the best of there ability within lessons and tests.


Playground game is just too violent says head of primary school!

By Imogen and Anna

 Tig (or sometimes known as tag) is one of the most popular and basic playground games that has been round for years. However primary school head teacher has banned his pupils from playing tig at break times and lunch times.

The ban was brought in at the start of the current term because children’s clothes had apparently been torn. Some pupils where upset by this and the wild nature of this game in the small playground. The contact game is now banned as the head says it gives the children some time to settle down ready for the next lesson.

Now instead of racing around and trying to grab hold of each other, youngsters are determined to continue their favourite game! For the mean time they are forced to play ‘air tig’ instead.

Parents and children are both bewildered to why the head teacher of Christ The King Catholic Primary School in Leeds. They have described the new rules as ridiculous and ludicrous.

Billy Salkeld, 45, whose 10 year old son Eddie goes to the school, told us that: “That they have been told not to have any contact in the school grounds. My son plays rugby so he is used to the contact, it’s a bit baffling to be honest. I find it just ridiculous!”

Mr Salkeld, a delivery driver, said that his son thoroughly enjoyed (what he called) ‘rough and tumble’ with his friends at break but he has been told to do something else that he simply doesn’t want to do. He states that ‘the world has gone crazy, kids can’t do anything these days.’ The whole place has gone bonkers.

Dawn O’Toole a parent and an ex-teacher who used to work at the school said that ‘The children are bored and not happy anymore’ a supervisor told the children to stop playing tig a year ago as it causes arguments.

We asked 20 children if they used to enjoy playing tig or tag 90% said that they did and the other 10% said that they didn’t enjoy it.

When we asked the head teacher his reasons for banning the game he said ‘the games just too violent. In 2010 a boy died from brain injury due to falling whilst playing the game. I’d hate to be responsible for this there for the reason why I have banned the game.’ He then followed on to say ‘I have purchased a range of toy and other play equipment to entertain the children.’ However many children prefer to play the free game TIG.