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Students excel at the Vocab Express Global Challenge

Students excel in a national languages competition

Students in the Languages department were busy competing in the Vocab Express Global Challenge from the 6th – 12th March.  The competition on our new vocabulary learning website challenged students to complete as many vocabulary learning tasks as possible in a week, and students were competing against each other in school and against other students and schools nationally.  The top five vocabulary learners were:

Husnain Akhmat     year 8        9065 points

Shahzaib Akhtar      year 8        8855 points

Lauren Heathcock   year 8       2365 points

Isla Anderson           year 7       2340 points

Gemma Dale            year 8       2025 points

Rianna Soley             year 11     1195 points

Jack James                 year 9       1070 points

Chloe Clinton            year 9        920 points

Ashmita Sharma       year 8       725 points

Adam King                 year 11      650 points

PTC came second in the national schools leaderboard in Urdu, and Husnain Akmat and Shahzaib Akhtar were the 4th and 5th students in Urdu nationally.  A fantastic achievement! Congratulations to Husnain and Shazaib, and well done to all students who took part.

To see the final results go to