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Students get checked out with the Classroom Medics!

Key Stage 3 students find out about careers in the health service

Last week two groups of Key Stage 3 Science students had a real treat.  Mrs Ward booked the Classroom Medics to visit our school.  The visitors delivered two one hour sessions to students in classrooms that encouraged them to consider a range of careers in the health service.


The medics bought in some very sophisticated kit and our students in 8.1 and 9.1 engaged in exciting hands on activities including 'ECG' traces, retina images, 'keyhole' surgery mock up, colonoscopy mock up, ultrasound scanning and taking blood from a false arm!


Mrs Ward said, “The classroom really buzzed with excitement throughout the sessions as our students were tested on and tested each other using the latest mobile medical diagnostic equipment such as mobile ultrasound equipment and a camera that took images of the retina which was then instantly displayed on a mobile phone.  The medics gave us a great insight into diversity of roles in today’s health service, nationally and globally and discussed with students how important it is to make informed choices about their future subjects of study when considering career paths”.