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MP Helps Pedmore Students With Their Campaigns

 Margot James works with our Year 11 GCSE Citizenship students

MP for Stourbridge Margot James visited our school recently to work with Year 11 GCSE Citizenship students who are busying preparing and researching their campaigns as part of their GCSE programme of study.  Campaigns included making Pedmore Technology College the first Fair Trade school in the area, a campaign for a summertime uniform for Pedmore’s students and a group who fighting to lower car insurance costs for young people.   Margot listened to several presentations and discussed the group’s campaigns with them in detail and how they could move forward to gain further support and publicity for their causes. 

 Mr Lloyd, our Head teacher then met with the MP to explore how she could support the groups further and discuss wider educational developments.  He said, “We are very grateful that Margot has been able to join us and she has been very supportive to our students and their campaigns.  It’s vital for our students to understand how the political system operates and being able to speak to a Member of Parliament has been invaluable.  We often invite visitors to Pedmore who are practitioners and experts in a wide range of occupational areas.  This helps to ensure our students are given the opportunity to understand and research their subjects in more detail.  We look forward to seeing Margot again as she has agreed to revisit our students to support their studies further”.