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Students win votes in Youth Parliament elections!

Zikria Nawaz was voted in as one of the deputy members of the UK Youth Parliament

In January, young people aged between 11 and 18 from Dudley who would like to be the next members of UK Parliament and Dudley Youth Council were asking for votes in this years Dudley Youth Council and UK Youth Parliament elections.

Nimra Khayal and Zikria Nawaz, both Year 9, attended an Inspirations Day in December and came away from that event as 2 of the 12 candidates who would be standing for the seats in Dudley. Both girls took their election campaigns seriously choosing an issue to promote and making posters and presentations that they sent to all Dudley schools and presented to their peers in assemblies. The whole school took part in the voting along with all other schools and colleges in the borough. As a result Zikria Nawaz was voted in as one of the deputy members of the UK Youth Parliament. She will now represent Dudley for the next 2 years. Both girls were also successful at becoming Stourbridge representatives on the Dudley Youth Council. Mrs Shaaban, Head of Citizenship Studies and event organiser said, “Both girls have potential political careers ahead of them and put many established politicians to shame in the professional way they conducted themselves during their campaigns.”