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It's Official - PTC students are high achievers

Pedmore scores the highest "Value Added" result of all Stourbridge secondary schools 

The newly released school league tables show our students have excelled again when it comes to achieving beyond expected levels.  A measurement called “Value Added” proves that we are the best at allowing our students to reach their potential and more.  The measurement calculates the progress from when they join us in year 7 against their final examination grades in Year 11.  When students score higher than their expected grade, this is the “Value Added” score.  Our new Headteacher, Mr Lloyd said, “We have been consistently high year on year in the Dudley school league tables related to this Value Added score.  We are delighted with the results again this year, just released by the Department for Education and Employment.  It shows that we really know at PTC how to get the very best from our students”.  Click here to see the BBC summary report.