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Students get green fingers as we launch our Gardening Club

Our Gardening Club get sowing on our grounds!

We are delighted to be launching our brand new venture this term - the PTC Gardening Club.  Our SEN team are working with a group of keen students to grow vegetables and flowers right here at school.  An area of ground has been given to the club and teaching assistant, Mr Fenn, has kindly constructed wooden frames from recycled wood for the team to get planting! 

Seedling are sprouting up in the SEN rooms and students have been busy preparing the plot and getting very excited about the prospect of learning how to be young, successful gardeners.

students  planting in wooden framesTo create interest in the project across the school and raise funds for the club, we are also running a competition to grow the largest sunflower.   Pots were purchased for 50p which contain enough compost and seeds to get the sunflowers started, the rest is down to our growers! 

To help us get started teaching assistant, Mrs Preston, registered with Innocent Smoothies Big Grow project and have grown seeds from the packs which included big grow cups so students had somewhere to sow their seeds, compost,  cress, peas and spinach seeds, Teacher’s Resource Pack with  lesson plans, activity sheets and more. We are using the cups to grow in our Sunflower growing competition too!  See for more information on the Big Grow.

sunflower competition noticeboardThe garden is not just a one-off after school club, our departments are getting involved too.  For example, Mrs Topping and 7.5 students are working through algorithms and problem solving activities and have incorporated gardening activities, which include planning, recording progress, research tasks, managing the watering and the growing of products.  Students are also recording events at the school pond (close to the garden) in terms of the life-cycle of a frog.  They have observed the frogspawn in situ; they have recently visited the pond and observed that the frogspawn is reducing and changing into tadpoles.  Recording of these events happens back in the classroom.

We are a keen team and also wish to build links with our community. We welcome any help with our club from parents/grandparents and relatives and our local keen gardeners who are able to give us any growing advice and a little of their spare time.  If anyone would be able to donate unwanted pots/gardening equipment/seeds and plants that would be most appreciated.  Please contact our school if you can lend a hand or click here to fill in our online enquiry form .

Mrs Durrant, SENCO and head of the SEN team said,” This is such an exciting project and our staff and students are putting such a lot of effort into it. By encouraging our students to grow their own vegetables we hope it will help them better understand where their food comes from, the science involved, the pleasure of eating home grown food, healthy eating and working as a team - all aspects that help to ensure future healthy lifestyles.”

Go to our  Gardening Club information page for more news on our club's activities.