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Students Learn to Manage Conflict with Flashpoint

Flashpoint Programme is delivered at PTC by the Mediation Service 

This week the Mediation Service visited PTC to deliver the Flashpoint Programme. Thirteen students took part and were joined by Mrs Evans, Pastoral Manager, Mr Maflehi and two youth workers, Andy and Jeff. 

The programme was based around conflict and positive ways to deal with it.  Students took part in role play, group discussions, watched videos and played games which helped them to learn new skills to avoid conflict situations and also help others with their newly learnt mediation skills.  All students received certificates at the end of the session.

Student Tom Bradbury gives his review of the programme;

On the 8th, 9th and 10th December I attended the Flashpoint programme.  I really enjoyed it.  My favourite part was working together to play the ball game.  I also enjoyed the role play.  There were two scenes, the first one being the negative with poor aggressive behaviour and the second showing us how we can manage our own behaviour to handle situations so they have a positive outcome. 

Flashpoint training helped me to realise not to jump to conclusions and instantly blame peers.  It also helped me with dealing with conflict situations.  I have learnt to ignore gossip and not react to what people tell me.  Also to stay out of negative situations that don’t involve me. My teachers have noticed a difference in me this week and have made positive comments about me in class”.

Mrs Evans commented, “It’s great to see the positive responses like Tom’s relating to the Flashpoint Programme.  We will be planning more quality events like this in the near future”.