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BBC News School Report

We are making the news for real again at Pedmore today!

Our eager reporters in 8:1 are busy writing up their research , interviewing and pulling their stories together  to publish before the 2:00pm deadline today! 

Group photograph of 2019 BBC News School Report

Watch this space for more information as it happens......Tweets will be going out too so check your Twitter feed regularly.  In the meantime, take a look at our previous years achievements for this fabulous initiative. 


We are  did it - making the news for real again this year on March 15th 2018 with the BBC School Report !

group photo of year 8 bbc school news reporters 2018

We loaded our news stories  - see the 2018 articles on the left hand menu or by clicking on the titles below!  

Zak, Nate, Regan and Zaynab radio report on the new Dudley lights

Who put Bella in the Wych Elm ? By Amy, Beth and Omemah

How Teenagers are affected by Social Media - by Jess, Beth, Amy and Milosz

Is the Online World Harmful ? - By Simeon and Reece

The Energy Drinks Ban - a report by Isha, Molly and Khaira

Report by Oliver, Luke, Ron and Connor


Here's last years news day -

News Day is here! 

We are so proud to be part of the BBC School Report yet again this year, publishing our news for real before the 2:00pm deadline!

BBC School Report team group photograph March 16 2017

Click on the report titles below/on the left hand side (for 2017) to go to our teams news reports and interviews etc completed 16 March 2017

Donald Trump - Protests against the President by Ashley and Amy

Donald Trump Protests Interview by Damien and Luke

Social Media  - the Fors and Against  Interview by Jamal, Bilaal and Ammad 

Global Warming Issues Interview - by Beth, Kara, Kizzie and Cordi 

Console Games and do we Spend Too Much Time on them? Tom and Lewis

Energy Drinks Report by Lewis 

NHS and Emotional Well Being of Students in Schools interview by Alishia and Maryam

Cyber Bullying Interview by Aliya, Manaal, Maryam, Adleena and Emaan

Reading and Mental Wellbeing Interview by Anthony,  Anna, Harley, Georgi, Mobeen and Sahdia

Energy Drinks and How They Affect Us Interviews and Field Test by Katie, Cole and Morgan



Here are our 2016 BBC Reporters reporting live from Pedmore Technology College.  

We hit the deadline!    They were busy working all morning on stories that are important to them.  Take a look at the different categories of news on the left hand menu/above for 2016 reports... 


We're also incredibly proud of our smaller group of reporters who were  invited to report live from the BBC studios at the Mailbox, Birmingham!  They were  chosen to work on a pop-up radio station with other schools from the West Midlands live from 12:00-1:00pm.   


See hear Willow's inteview with the Director General of the BBC Tony Hall!  Listen now at



To look at our teams news articles all about how they prepared, go to