Pedmore currently having a lockdown drill

As part of our standard fire drill, evacuation, lockdown and safety procedures we are currently staging a mock lockdown of the college site. This is a test and ensures that staff and students are familiar with the procedure and confident in the process. We will update this webpage as soon as the test procedure is complete.

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Console Games - Do We Spend Too Much Time On Them? - 2017

Console games: do we spend too much time on them?

Console games are fun to play, but can also be bad in some cases, because you do not burn as much fat as you should. However, you burn 0.9988 calories whilst playing; this is due to finger movements and reactions.

So how much time do we spend playing on these fun consoles?

On average, we spend 6.14 hours each week, averaging around 7.3 hours a full week including weekends. They are fun and a hobby of over 1.8 billion people, who would agree that they spend several hours a day playing these world breaking franchises.

How could we cut down on this?

Well to cut down on this, we could get outside and play football or hang around outside with mates.

What do we spend more time on… Consoles or Homework?

We spend approximately 6.6 hours on homework in an average week and approximately 6.8 hours a day using consoles. So, we spend less time on homework; therefore, is it necessary for us to stop playing on our consoles as much?


Popular console games.