Pedmore currently having a lockdown drill

As part of our standard fire drill, evacuation, lockdown and safety procedures we are currently staging a mock lockdown of the college site. This is a test and ensures that staff and students are familiar with the procedure and confident in the process. We will update this webpage as soon as the test procedure is complete.

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Drama Company visit PTC and ask "What's your poison?"

Drama group deliver a serious message to Year 8 and 9

Our Year 8’s and 9’s were treated to a performance from an external drama production company, ‘Performance in Education’ on 11th February. "What's Your Poison?" explored the effect of alcohol and drug abuse can have on the individual, their relationships and life.  This supports this year’s extensive PHSE programme. 

Students watched the young actors deliver an entertaining but thought provoking piece which include was a great deal of audience participation, especially during the “Jeremy Vile show”!






Miss Moore, PHSE co-ordinator responsible for organising this event said, “This was a great opportunity for students witness the negative effects of alcohol and drug abuse in a safe environment.  The drama group really engaged with the students and although it was an entertaining and often very amusing production it delivered a very real message”.