Pedmore currently having a lockdown drill

As part of our standard fire drill, evacuation, lockdown and safety procedures we are currently staging a mock lockdown of the college site. This is a test and ensures that staff and students are familiar with the procedure and confident in the process. We will update this webpage as soon as the test procedure is complete.

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More Recognition as a "Top Performing School and Improving School"

Government Initiatives IQ recognises Pedmore Technology College as a Top Performing and Improving School

Our school has recently been added to a UK Schools Directory where it is recognised as a “top performing and improving school”. Government Initiatives IQ, publishers and distributors of government reports aims to provide information for prospective parents, head teachers, Members of the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Department for Education and Local Authorities.

The report, “School Sourcing” also aims to be a key platform for prospective parents to view key information when considering future school choice. It recognises our school has made significant improvements year on year in key areas such as attendance and examination results Click here to see how we have become a Top Performing and Improving School