Pedmore currently having a lockdown drill

As part of our standard fire drill, evacuation, lockdown and safety procedures we are currently staging a mock lockdown of the college site. This is a test and ensures that staff and students are familiar with the procedure and confident in the process. We will update this webpage as soon as the test procedure is complete.

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Year 8's watch the Tim Peake live Q & A session!

Getting the opportunity to see Tim Peake in a live Q & A session with UK schools

PTC registered with Cosmic Classrooms to watch Tim Peake in a live Q & A session with UK Schools today at 2:30pm (Tuesday 2nd February).  yr 8 watching Tim Peake on screenMiss Buckerfield Science class 8:1 watched the live broadcast and listened to our British astronaut answer a wide range of questions from pupils at UK schools and watched his fascinating demonstrations.



Our group also sent Tim messages via our schools Twitter site.